Adding Storage and Organization

Adding Storage and Organization

Improving and increasing the storage space in your kitchen is one of the many reasons people go in for a kitchen remodeling project. Getting your kitchen in shape by adding features that help in organization can be an interesting and fun challenge for any kitchen remodeling project.

How do you decide what kind of storage and organization you need?

The need and extent for storage and organization in any kitchen will depend a great deal on the specific food habits and cooking styles of the people that use the kitchen. A small family that cooks all its meals at home will have a greater need for storage space than a large family that eats out all the time! A family that loves cooking and experimenting with different styles of cuisine will obviously have more kitchen supplies and equipment to store. Likewise, a family that enjoys entertaining and has a large group of friends and family will have more dinnerware, silverware, pantry items, etc., that require storage and organization.

Tips for Adding Storage

Here are some tips for adding storage and organization to your kitchen without spending time and money on a grand kitchen remodeling project!

Hanging Things

Use pegs and adhesive hooks to hang up things which would otherwise take up space on your countertops or drawers. These could be anything from pots and pans to aprons and pot holders.

Slide-out or Pull-out cabinets

These can be modified for anything, from a pantry shelf to a spice rack. You can add a slide-out or a pull-out cabinet to both your overhead cabinets as well as lower cabinets. A pull-out cutting board that has a hole that directs to a trash bin directly underneath is one of the latest organizing hacks that are popular in kitchens.

Organize by Categor:

Organize the things you use on a daily basis on the lower shelves of your cabinets and reserve the upper areas for things you use only on occasion. You can also organize by category, such as baking equipment all together on one shelf, ingredients for Mediterranean/Chinese/Indian cooking on one shelf, etc. Store all the things you need for your daily cooking near the stove itself, such as pots, pans, spoons, spices, oils, etc.

Peg boards or magnetic boards

These are multipurpose boards that can be used to organize and save space at the same time. You can have anything on peg boards, from tools to towels and colanders. On magnetic boards, you can arrange your knives (so you can save space on your kitchen countertop from having a knife block) and even spice bottles that are magnetic.


Baskets are an organizer’s delight! Whether they are wicker baskets or plastic baskets, they can be used to store anything you like, anywhere you like! Store all your cookbooks in one basket. Store veggies and fruits in baskets under the cabinets. Store your cleaning supplies in a basket under the sink.


Labels are a necessary part of organizing your kitchen and pantry supplies. Make sure that labels contain expiry dates or dates of purchase as well.

While by no means exhaustive, this list will get you started on your way to a fabulously organized kitchen!

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