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7 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Colors For Your Kitchen

7 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Colors For Your Kitchen

Many say that while life maybe created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen! It is where we heal our bodies and provide the fuel to keep our family moving. No wonder the kitchen is now considered the most important room in a home. It is not a space for only preparing or eating a meal. It is the family’s central point for meeting, relaxing or entertaining friends.  It’s where our children complete their homework and school projects while enjoying a snack.  The kitchen is simply the heart of our home.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Here are some helpful tips and insights to help you achieve the kitchen remodeling.

Decide On Your Palette

Not every color works well in a kitchen.

Example: certain blue, green and gray don’t look good with food so it is best to use them sparingly.  The same goes for intense trendy hues, consider sprinkling them around in your choice of accessories.

Use your imagination and mix it up in the kitchen to give it a whole new mood. Spend sometime thinking about the feelings you want to create, whether it’s from warm and lively to calm and collective, to a reflection of your strong personality.

Choose Colors You Love

Deciding on colors for your kitchen can be very intimidating and confusing but experts recommend that a good place to start is to pick colors that you love and respond to emotionally that will also flow well with all the other elements in your kitchen

Be brave and go with brighter or more saturated colors if that is your preference. Usually, there is little empty wall space in the kitchen so the paint color might become a border around the cabinets, appliances and wood- work. The right color can make these items pop out. However, you have to be prepared to be flexible and compromising because as you go through the process, your plan could be constantly revised.

Word of caution, use one major item, example the floor to help you choose your color but don’t buy until you have made all other major selections for your kitchen.

Consider The Big Picture

Choosing the colors for your kitchen is not about choices that you would like for a couple weeks, it is about finding the right colors you are going to like for years.

You need to consider the other major items for your kitchen like your cabinets, counter tops and flooring when you choose your colors. If you are not planning on changing them then work your color choice into these items.

Here are three tips to help you choose the right colors

  • Use a color wheel
  • Pick three colors to work with: your favorite, your second choice and an opposite color
  • Test sample the colors – paint them on strips of card board or other handy material so you could carry them around to help you choose and compliment the other items in your kitchen

Begin With The Cabinets

Since cabinets typically take up about 40% of your visual space, is typically the most expensive element in your remodeling project and dominate the overall look of the kitchen, it is wise to spend quality time in selecting your cabinets. Consider your personality, home style and the other items when selecting your cabinets.

Keep The Counter Tops Neutral

Countertops like cabinets, also occupy a larger portion of your visual space in the kitchen.Elect to bring a sample of your cabinetry color so it coordinates with your choice of counter top color.

Let Your Creativity Flow With Backsplash

Paint Colors and Floors

By now your color scheme is almost complete.  Choosing a backsplash color could be very tricky. Options available can coordinate or really clash with your other choice,s so seek some advice if you are having a hard time deciding. Your floor color should also go well with all the other items and also with the existing floors in adjoining room.

Your choice of paint colors must coordinate well with the cabinets, countertops and appliances.Things like cabinet door handles, kitchen sink and faucet are items that are installed last. It is not required that you coordinate these with the other kitchen items. Go with your choice and preference.

Consider The Lighting

Selecting lightning fixtures for the kitchen is an afterthought in the kitchen design process. Lightning in your kitchen affects functionality of the space and how you feel when you spend time there. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a catch all light fixture that doesmit all. Layering of your light fixtures in the kitchen will add quality and ambience.

Consider the following layering for best results:

  • Task – illuminates work space – good for area where food preparation is done
  • Accent – highlights and add depth and dimension to the kitchen
  • Decorative – consider this the eye candy of the kitchen – adds interest and is the finishing touch to your fabulous kitchen
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