6 Design Ideas to Make the Most of your Small Bathroom

Not all people are lucky to have spacious bathroom at home. If your one of them, your bathroom will definitely require good detail attention and careful planning to make that compact bathroom design appear elegant and fresh. Ensuring good design and layout means using of available space properly. You have to put into consideration the things you need most in the bathroom and avoid rushing things. One of the vital aspects when it comes to remodeling is organization and storage.

Cautious planning literally doubles the spaces and adds unique designs along the process. Do you know that clutter makes bathrooms appear smaller? Things like magazine racks next the toilet, counter towels, bulky photos and statues must b e places in larger room at home. soap and shampoo bottles must be kept-off your shower edges, its best to place it much accessible are that is out of the view.

Below are small bathroom design ideas that you can do to achieve desired look and maximize space accordingly:

  1. When bathroom have various items inside, it will look smaller and cramped. For you to open the area, finding right storage wherever probable can be executed. For example: utilized your door back to establish storage area. This can be done by mounting bars and hooks on it where items such as towel can be hung.
  2. Bathroom corners can also be maximize and used to take advantage of spaces. Numerous spaces are being wasted in corners, purchase furniture which are designed to suit room’s corner. Furniture eat great amount of space which result smaller appearance. Make sure that furniture used is valuable and usable.
  3. Use areas toward your bathroom ceiling. Similarly o other building, instead of establishing wide, most of them builds it high to the air. These concepts can also be used in your bathroom to create and save usable spaces by utilizing storage furniture which goes straight upward. It’s best to store item while saving spaces as well.
  4. Make sure not to use too much decor and dark color paint since this will worsen the situation. Your bathroom will definitely look cramped. It’s best to used light tone and warm colors since this aid in lightening up the area. Use white porcelain to sinks, tubes and toilets. Make sure to be minimalist to decoration, select pieces which accent and does not inhibit space to bathroom. It’s best to keep toiletries behind the scenes.
  5. Another solution is utilizing cabinets, most especially the recessed type which is embedded directly to the walls. This give bathroom additional space since this utilizes area behind bathroom itself. Vanities and cabinets that stick out are large waster of space, replacing it will provide great wonder for perceived special element of the room. By adding small closet can be of help since this where towels can be placed than hanging it on towel racks. This provides much accessible and open ambiance that will make you comfortable and fresh.
  6. Do you know that utilizing mirror doubles perceived room space, this only mean that big mirrors is one of the essential element for small bathroom. In this case, the bigger the mirror, the better. Look for mirror were in border size are excessive to space provided on it.

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Sam Kazanci

Sam Kazanci is the owner of Fairfax Kitchen Bath Remodeling. He has experience to build and remodel the kitchen and baths with his team and the author of fkb blog: You can find Sam on LinkedIn and Twitter.