5 High-Value Upgrades You Need For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Undertaking a kitchen and bath remodeling upgrade is a worthwhile investment. It adds value to your home, improves its functionality, and storage, and increases comfort in the space. These improvements will help you serve your family and loved ones for years to come. 

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, so it’s best to hire a reliable team of designers and contractors to achieve a cohesive design and make the renovation project cost-effective. 

5 Amazing Bathroom Upgrades that Adds Value

If you are planning on getting your bathroom remodeled soon, here are 5 priceless ideas for bathroom remodeling

Upgrade your Bathroom Flooring

The tiles are one of the important features that add to the overall visual appeal of your bathroom. Updating your bathroom tiles is a great way of making an impact. Well, it would be best to work with a reliable shower remodeling service to make sure you address all the concerns you have. 

Always consider safety precautions when choosing the right type of flooring. Adding a floor tile in your shower is a significant choice as it adds safety to the space. Select tiles that provide extra texture and grouting to keep you from slipping once the floor gets wet and soapy.

Choose modern bathroom tiles as they are easy to clean, and use grouts to help resist mold, humidity, and stain. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular these days as they come in diverse styles and designs. 

You can also try playing around with the colors and patterns to make a unique statement in your bathroom.

Enhance the Lighting

As you plan for your bathroom remodeling, consider updating your lighting. Generally, bathrooms have the least access to natural light, therefore, enhancing your bathroom lighting will improve its functionality and mood.

Add some recessed fixtures or LED lights around your mirror. A good amount of light will help you do your daily routine effectively, such as doing your hair, applying makeup, etc. 

If you are someone who loves to take a leisure bath, you can install a dimmer light that will support you and set the mood. In addition, adding extra lighting in the shower is an advantageous and safer option. 

Increase Storage Options

One of the bathroom remodeling ideas you should include in your list is adding storage options. Regardless of what design you are aiming for your bathroom, make sure to choose storage that works for your lifestyle.

Select bathroom cabinets, drawers, and shelving that can fit all your necessary bathroom needs. For example, you’ll need enough storage space for your vanity to keep regularly used items accessible. This will also decrease clutter around your countertops, which reduces the visual appeal of your newly renovated bathroom. There are a lot of ideas for bathroom cabinets that you can surely choose from, so make sure you gather information first. 

Another great idea for gaining additional storage is a recessed cabinet above the vanity. This is significantly useful when your bathroom vanity is on the shallower side. 

When installing an additional cabinet or shelving, make sure it is a few inches inside the wall to save more space. This will lessen your worries about hitting your head on the edge of the cabinet.

Choose Countertop Material Wisely

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, a high-value upgrade will be upgrading your countertops. You need to carefully consider your countertop material. As there are multitudes of choices for countertop materials, make sure to weigh their features with their functionality. 

For example, you may find natural countertops sophisticated, yet they are fairly expensive. However, they are also durable, and there are various design styles you can choose from. On the other hand, laminated countertops are inexpensive, but they don’t add much to resale value. Compared to the two, marble countertops are visually appealing, however, they are porous and require regular sealing. Make sure you read about the pros and cons of marble countertop first before deciding.

If you want natural stone countertops, make sure they are sealed to improve their water resistance. This makes your vanity top highly resistant to stains and bacteria.

Update your Color Palette

One of the bathroom remodeling tips on a budget that you can do is to update your color design. Updating it with a fresh coat of paint is a low-cost idea, yet it can go a long way. 

When selecting a color palette for your bathroom, it is important that they create a cohesive style with your entire home’s design theme. Choose colors and patterns that will complement your bathroom accessories or accent pieces. 

Types of Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades

Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling that will provide general and influential insight for your next bathroom remodeling upgrades. 

Cosmetic Bathroom Upgrades

A simple way of upgrading your bathroom is by updating the countertops, vanities, and sinks. This is your opportunity to upgrade your fixtures and faucets. This upgrade does not include an alteration of the floor plan. 

Bathroom Addition

Most homeowners’ reason for bathroom upgrades is that their family is growing, and they’ll need a new bathroom. The addition of a bathroom downstairs can also be a significant consideration if you are living with a vulnerable loved one. 

Alteration of Floor Plans

Another type of bathroom remodeling is changing the floor plan. This is quite an expensive type as this requires an update of some of your bathroom plumbing fixtures and fixtures. This includes changing the shower into a tub, upgrading an ordinary toilet seat into a heated toilet seat, and many more. 

Other things you can consider 

There are hundreds of ideas for remodeling a bathroom. All improvements must add value, function, and beauty to your space. We understand how challenging that is, and we can help you anytime. In addition to the ones we shared, here are additional things you can upgrade on your bathroom:

Increase water pressure

You’ll be amazed at the added pleasure it’ll bring to your shower when pressure is increased. You can have two showerheads, one is fixed while the other is portable. You can also add a thermostat to adjust the water temperature.

Active ventilation system

Moisture can build up inside your shower, especially when you’re taking a warm shower. If you let moisture rise, it can lead to water damage and mold growth. To prevent that, installing active ventilation is your best solution.

Alternatively, we can install a small window on top of your shower, just enough to let excess moisture come out.

Shower bench

To have a more spa-like feel, you can add a wooden shower bench and some pebbles at the sides of the floor. Having a shower floor with a pebble-like texture would also be great.

Want more ideas on remodeling a bathroom?

Are you satisfied with the things we’ve shared for upgrading your bathroom? If you want more, you can talk to one of our designers today. Do that by booking a free consultation with us. We’re more than happy to assist with you planning and implementing your dream bathroom makeover.

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