5 Core Design Features for Kitchen Remodeling

5 Core Design Features for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a big investment in time and money. It is not the same as “dong over” other rooms in the house (with the possible exception of the bathroom) because it is not enough to simply rearrange or buy new furniture and picking out new paint or curtains. Renovating a kitchen can run from anywhere from 6 weeks to six months, depending on the size of the kitchen and the extent of the remodel.

In addition, most of the big-ticket items in the home are in the kitchen. These include not only the appliances, but the cabinets, countertops, floors, and backsplashes. Replacing those means picking out the best ones for your needs from a wide range of options, and you must get it right the first time.

In most cases, replacing your appliances usually means choosing the latest, energy saving models in a color that fits your general kitchen design, so that is not such a big headache. Other elements of the kitchen remodel are not so simple. For example, one type of countertop may look just as well as another, so it will boil down to budget, personal preference, and lifestyle. It can be overwhelming, which is why many people would much rather not contemplate a kitchen remodel.

However, it is undeniable that a well-planned and executed kitchen renovation can greatly increase your convenience and the value of your home, so it is worth the resources you will have to expend on it. To make sure you cover all your bases in this oh-so-daunting task, here are 5 elements for which you must plan before you start knocking down walls.

The backsplash

Most people will consider the backsplash last in a kitchen remodel, but people notice this first when they come into the kitchen. If you want to make a good impression, make sure you have an awesome backsplash.
Unfortunately, the backsplashes in most kitchens reflect a lack of imagination or focus. They are often in boring, outdated, or worn tiles, usually a plain color, or completely absent. If you have an old house, you are going to need to replace or put in backsplashes to bring your kitchen up to date.

Back in the day, backsplash options were limited to ceramic tiles in different combinations. Nowadays, you have your choice of granite, marble, quartz, waterproof wallpaper, engineered wood, or even metal. You can stick to one material or mix them up in interesting ways. If you can imagine it, you can put it in a backsplash.

The floor

All kitchens have a floor, but there is a big difference between a functional kitchen floor and an attractive one. Many kitchen floors are unattractive and in crying need of some design panache. Floors often reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle, so a scuffed, cheap, and/or horrible looking floor is not good. This is especially true if you are planning to sell your home anytime soon.

You want a kitchen floor that is not just functional, but low maintenance, durable, and attractive. The best choices would be granite tiles or hardwood, which you can arrange in interesting designs without sacrificing function. You can also consider modern kitchen floor tiles available as heated panels, cork, or even vinyl. It all depends on your lifestyle, budget, and overall kitchen design.

The countertops

One of the benefits of a kitchen remodeling is it gives you a chance to reconsider your overall kitchen design. Among the most crucial of these design elements are the countertops. From a functional standpoint, your countertop can be any material that lets you work comfortable on it. From a design perspective, however, the choice of countertops has a direct bearing on your overall look.

You want a countertop that is not only durable and low maintenance, but also ties in the design elements in the room together. Countertops take up a lot of visual space and get a lot of use, so it is important that it stands out in a good way.

You can use the countertop as the inspiration for other key elements of the room such as the backsplash and floor, either to match it or complement it. Doing this gives your kitchen depth and character. The top favorites for kitchen countertops are granite and quartz because they have all the features you want in a functional and design-worthy countertop. You can even indulge your passion for marble without having to worry about maintaining it by choosing quartz that mimics the look of marble.

The cabinet hardware

The thing about kitchen cabinets is that they tend to look classic. Almost any door style will work with most kitchens, so it may not even be necessary to replace them if they are in good condition. Cabinet hardware is a different issue, however.

Cabinet hardware is like hairstyles. They tend to follow certain trends, so they can become outdated. Fortunately, it is easy enough to replace the hardware to update your cabinets. Just keep in mind that neglecting to include it in your design can change the look and feel of your cabinets and kitchen.
Be careful to choose hardware that is not only trending, but also fits the overall look you want for your kitchen. You will be surprised at the difference it will make.

The paint

Choosing the color palette for the kitchen is crucial, because it not only sets the look but the mood of the room. Even if know nothing about the psychology of color, you know from personal experience that some colors make you happy, while others make you sad. You should understand why the color palette is important, and how it affects your choice of paint for your walls, doors, and cabinets.
You can play it safe by choosing neutral colors that will go with any design. This is a good move if other elements in your kitchen have interesting features, bold colors or busy patterns.

You can also choose colors that express your personality, and this could mean bold colors for a vibrant look. This is a bit of a risk if you plan to sell your home soon. If this is the case, you might be better off choosing a cheerful but neutral color and express your personality with accents and accessories you can easily remove or replace.
At the end of the day, it is easy enough to replace paint, but not the color palette. Consider your color palette carefully and let that dictate your choice of paint color.


A kitchen remodel does not have to be the nightmare you keep coming back to years after it is done. It can give you your dream kitchen or help you sell your home if you give due consideration to these 5 core design elements. You can also get professional design ideas from a reputable remodeling company such as Fairfax Kitchen Bath. We guarantee you will love your new kitchen for life.

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