15 Modern Basement Ideas To Prompt Your Own Remodel

Is your basement untouched for more than a decade already? Are you finding some inspirational ideas or designs to spruce your basement’s function and design? In that case, you are in the right spot since we’re featuring the 15 best ideas for your modern basement remodeling in 2021.

Meanwhile, partnering with the best remodeling contractor will also be wise since they have the proper experience, skills, and tools for an efficient job. If you still haven’t found a general contractor to work with for your remodel my basement endeavor, then call us in Fairfax Kitchen Bath

Without further, let’s dive in! 

How Much Is Your Basement Remodeling Cost?

Well, the running rate for small to large basement renovation is between $11,000 to $30,000, where most homeowners spend around $20,000. If we put that on a per square foot basis, then the rate is between $30 to $75.

Meanwhile, here are the estimated cost based on the size of your basement:

  • Small (300-700 sq.ft.) – $9,500 to $52,000
  • Medium (700-1500 sq.ft.) – $21,000 to $113,000
  • Large (1500-2000 sq.ft.) – $45,000 to $150,000
  • XL (larger than 2000 sq.ft.) – $60,000 to $300,000

15 Stunning Ideas for Modern Basement Renovation

Here is our compilation of amazing designs for recreating your dark and damp basement. If you need to avail of cost-efficient basement remodeling services, then call our office today and book an appointment for a free consultation.

1) Classy

You can choose tan brown and beige color to inspire natural warmth and classic appeal in your newly finished basement. Beige paint for the walls and well-polish hardwood floors pairs well with brown-colored upholstery or leather seats and sofas.

To complete the set, select warm lighting to illuminate your classy basement finish.

2) Chill and Playtime

Instead of going outdoor and hanging around the mall, why not transform your outdated basement into a pub, where you have some billiard table, drinking area, dart games, and some board games to play with your family and guests.

Have enough recessed modern lighting to achieve a vibrant and welcoming aura in your newly remodeled basement.

3) Living Room Extension with Granite Theme

You can also create an extension of your living space to hold extra guests and decorate that with granite tone and countertops. You can have the light gray or navy blue color theme to achieve a sleek modern appeal.

Also, white ceilings work well with any of these hues to create a great contrast with your black or dark gray granite countertops and dark blue upholsteries.

4) Work At Home

With the pandemic happening, you can always transform your basement into a mini office where you get to work at home. It’s one of the best basement remodels you can choose for 2021. 

In terms of style and color, you can go for white walls and ceilings, then pair it with laminate or hardwood cabinets and drawers.

5) Stylish and Homey Vibe

Converting your basement to a relaxing paradise to unwind and spend time with family is a wise choice. We can install your extra-wide flat TV screen to serve as a mini-movie area for everyone.

To achieve a classy and homey ambiance, let’s bring in your leather seats, ottomans, or sofas. Underneath your TV screen can be a digital or real fireplace that seems to resemble family warmth. Feel free to see this great home project.

6) Bookworms and Music Lovers

We can install a wooden or laminate open shelving where you can place your books and small accessories. Then we can place your loudspeakers on the corner or one wall side.

It serves as a hang out place for you and your family, when you just want to read your favorite novel or music.

7) Intricate Artistic Scene

We can splurge your basement with modern architectural design and items that can accentuate the area. We can adapt rustic style via hardwood and some ceramic tiles on some parts of the wall. 

Also, installing a granite, quartz, marble, or butcher block central countertop would look great for this scenario. It becomes the focal point in your space, then warms hanging pendant lights over it. 

If you have wall paintings, then we can mount that on the wall for decoration. 

8) Modern Movie Theater

If watching movies is your pastime, then we can convert your basement to a cinematic venue with modern equipment, appeal, and sound system. With that, we can place your wide LCD screen on one wall then the opposite side will be your leather seats or sofa. 

9) Contemporary Guest Lounge with Electric Fireplace

We can also make your basement a high-end guest lounge with modern upholsteries and accessories. The electric fireplace pairs well with this theme, while your wooden panels and beams give an ecstatic warmth inside your basement.

10) Gray and White

If a contemporary streamlined approach is your bet, then opting for gray and white theme suits well. You can either choose to have gray upholsteries and white countertops, ceilings, and walls for this matter. 

11) Bold and Colorful

If you like exciting hues for remodeling your basement, then we can choose those bold and vibrant palettes for your walls, floors, and ceilings. We can still go for hardwood or laminate floors then place your area rugs or carpets to accentuate it.

A white wall and ceiling would still best, then we can inject designs with vibrant hues on them. Overall, it will also serve as a good place for your children’s learning station.

12) Sweat It Out

If you’re into sports or workout, then transforming your outdated basement into a mini gym is the best choice. With that, we can subdivide the area according to the fitness program you want and cover one wall with mirrors (just like in a regular gym).

13) Cozy Wine Cellar

If drinking wine with your friends and family is one of your casual meetings, then giving your basement that homey wine cellar appeal suits well. With proper lighting and wooden accents, you’ll have a fun time there.

14) Contemporary Scandinavian Look

If you want an airy, simple, and cozy living room space out from your basement, then opting for a Scandinavian theme works well. It works well if you have a compact basement area since we’ll be focusing on what must be present and neutral palettes.

15) Victorian-inspired

Parallel with the Scandinavian theme with more fancy designs means going for a Victorian-like living room extension from your basement renovation. Its general traits will be modern, nostalgic, and intricate. 

With that, we can go for rustic floors, carpets, or rugs with a geometric design, and selecting white or other neutral hues.

Looking for a Basement Remodeler Contractor?

Partnering with a remodeling contractor like Fairfax Kitchen Bath is a wise choice to ensure the timely completion and details of your basement remodeling or other remodeling projects.

If you need a free estimate or advice, then contact us today!

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