15 Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

Your long and narrow kitchen saves so much space while having plenty of cabinet storage. However, there’s a high chance that it can feel cramped up and uncomfortable, so you might want to consider an affordable kitchen remodeling.

Luckily, you’re in the right spot if you’re looking for the best galley kitchen remodeling ideas this year. We hope you’ll find inspiration from any of these designs, and you can call us out for this project.

#1 Glossy Cabinets and Large Floor Tiles

A galley kitchen has plenty of cabinets, so you can take advantage of that by choosing glossy cabinet doors, which reflect light and enhances brightness.

Also, you can opt for larger floor tiles with a textured finish, to give your kitchen a spacious impression. For both aspects, we recommend a neutral color or maybe white to make it visually spacious.

#2 Add Some Windows

It’s never always necessary to open your galley kitchen to boost its space. A good alternative will be to ask kitchen contractors to create a window on your kitchen wall.

This window can either be an opening to an adjacent room to your kitchen, or a window where it allows natural light from the outside to enter. 

This kitchen renovation will truly enhance the warmth and openness of your galley kitchen.

#3 Take A U-Turn

If your galley kitchen goes to a dead-end on one side, then better make a U-turn, where your sink counter is located.

This is a strategic kitchen design since it gives you ample counter space in the sink, which is the second-most busiest working area in any kitchen.

#4 Taller Cabinets and A Ladder

If your horizontal space is limited, then go sky high and install taller cabinets reaching the ceiling.

Well, it’ll be challenging to reach the top-most part, yet you can resolve that by having a wooden ladder that compliments your cabinets.

#5 Extreme Contrast

Adapting a high contrast for your galley kitchen remodel is also an excellent choice that’ll leave your guests and family speechless.

For instance, you can go for white high-gloss slab kitchen cabinets and white kitchen walls. Then pair that with a black long kitchen countertop with black base cabinets.

#6 Streamlined Theme

Don’t be tempted to put too many ornate and designs on your kitchen cabinets and flooring, especially for your galley kitchen renovation since it can make your space cramped up and smaller.

Therefore, choose something natural and simple for your remodeling theme. Then use a neutral palette for your kitchen’s base color.

#7 Connect Your Kitchen To Other Rooms

If you’re not contented with opening windows, then we can tear down walls and connect your galley kitchen to your dining area or your patio. By doing that, you’re inviting the beauty and warmth of the outdoors to your cool and sleek kitchen.

#8 Break Up Hallway Feeling

Alternative to streamlined approach, you can splurge your galley kitchen with colors, as long you don’t overdo it. In breaking up that hallway feeling, you can go for mosaic floor tiles, dark-toned cabinets, and light-colored kitchen countertops.

If you’re unsure of what to do, worry not as our kitchen designers can help you harmonize your color selections.

#9 Black and White

White isn’t always the best color you have for your kitchen remodel, you can have black and white together in your galley kitchen. 

A good way for you to combine these hues will be a white tone for your walls and flooring, then black for your cabinets and countertops. Whereas, your ceiling can be made from wooden slats to have natural warmth.

#10 Wooden Cabinets and White Marble Countertops

An alternative to high-gloss cabinets is having light-wood cabinetry with black pulls or knobs. Then on top will be your white Carrara or Calacatta marble countertops. 

By doing that, you have a balance of coolness and warmth in your workspace. Then you can install a window on one side where natural light can come in and shine on your marble kitchen countertops and wooden cabinet doors.

#11 Transitional Kitchen Vibe

For this kitchen remodel, you will have white kitchen countertops then dark-colored slab cabinets with bronze pulls or knobs. This contemporary aspect will be balanced by your hardwood flooring and an Oriental carpet.

Additionally, you can have vintage hanging pendant lights above your kitchen countertops.

#12 Wall Cabinets and Open Shelving

You’re renovating your galley kitchen because you want to eliminate that sense of cramped up space, right? You can do that without compromising storage by having one side with wall cabinets and the opposite side with open shelving.

#13 Gray, Wood, and Yellow

Besides white, a good base color for your kitchen remodel is light gray, so choose that for your walls, then a darker gray palette for the cabinet doors.

Then you can have wood for your ceilings and flooring, which invites a jolt of natural warmth. Don’t forget to have white kitchen countertops than a bright yellow backsplash.

Also, you can have a yellow panel for the entire cabinets to one side of your galley kitchen.

#14 A Small Breakfast Corner

If you still have some space at one end of your galley kitchen, then construct a breakfast corner that’s fit for at least three bar stools. This invites a conversational and cozy ambiance in your remodel.

#15 Add A Bookshelf at the End

Adding a tiny bookshelf at one end of your galley kitchen is also a good idea since it invites conversation for everyone. If you plan on installing a breakfast counter near it, then the better.

Looking for a Kitchen Remodeler Near You?

We hope we’ve inspired you to think of how your galley kitchen renovation would look like in the future. Indeed, it won’t be that easy, yet you can make that cost-efficient when you’re working with a kitchen remodeling company.

Fortunately, Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your Class A licensed and insured remodeling company you can trust for these home improvements. We have the experience, technology, and premier products to realize your dream kitchen remodel.

Contact us today and avail of our free estimate and in-home design services. 

If you need a free estimate or advice, then contact us today or visit us on Instagram anytime.

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