10 Trending Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling in 2020

An open layout for the kitchen makes it look bigger and more welcoming, and lighting can help keep the space distinct cohesive. The choice is yours. The point is it is a very popular layout for these reasons.
An open space layout is hardly groundbreaking in kitchen design, but its persistence does make it necessary to be on point on everything else with the kitchen. Here are 10 trending ideas for kitchen remodeling in 2020 to inspire you.

1. Marvelous marble

Yup, the elegance of Carrara marble countertops (or their quartz look-alikes) are apt to tickle the design bone of kitchen remodelers in 2020. Purists might insist on the real deal despite the risk of staining and etching of true marble, but most people would probably opt for quartz. In either case, you can expect white kitchens and marble countertops to dominate in 2020, so choose accordingly.

2. Wood tones

While white kitchens will continue to trend in 2020, you will also see an upsurge of natural and warm wood tones in kitchen designs. This could be in the form of stained or painted wood cabinets, floors, or butcher blocks. This is fortunate as wood plays particularly well with natural and engineered stone countertops.

3. Color on white

If wood is not to your taste, you can still be in fashion by adding some hints of color to your all-white kitchen. You can do this by choosing appliances in striking colors such as mint green or cherry red. You can also go for a subtler approach by putting in glass-fronted wall cabinets to display your most colorful collections. Chairs, rugs, or light fixtures are great ways to add some color to your kitchen.

4. Look up

The one thing most people take for granted is the ceiling. In most cases, you paint it white to give the illusion of height. However, the ceiling is literally the 5th wall from a design perspective. You can put some great pops of color for the kitchen using paint, wood paneling, or even wallpaper. If you have the resources, you might even want to put in some reclaimed wood up there.
If you have a high ceiling, or went rustic with bare rafters, you can go to town with it with bold colors and some vintage light fixtures. Ceiling designs keep your kitchen neutral but still swoon-worthy.

5. Walled in

Wallpaper has fallen out of favor quite a while ago because it was so hard to put on, take off, and keep in good condition. However, it is making a comeback in the home as feature or accent walls. You can experiment with kitchen wallpaper by choosing less permanent self-adhesive vinyl sheets rather than traditional wallpaper. These vinyl sheets are affordable and comes in a vast array of designs, including subway tile patterns.
However, if wallpaper is not up to your speed, another trend that might interest you is handmade tiles such as cement and terracotta. They are also available in many colors, and bring great texture to your kitchen.

6. Open shelves

Choosing open shelves for your kitchen makes a lot of sense if you have limited space. You can put much more on an open shelf than a closed cabinet. It is also a great idea if you have collectibles you want to display. The biggest problem and top peeve of people with open shelves is keeping it display worthy. However, if you like to keep updated, you will have to make an effort. A good tip is keeping the things you use on a daily on the lower shelves for easy access.

7. Heavy metal

There will always be metal in kitchens because modern appliances are usually made of it. However, metal as an accent is a different matter altogether. The trend calls for hanging copper pans and pots from the ceiling or adding metal siding to countertops and cabinets for some shine to any kitchen. In kitchens with open shelves, you can put your focus on the range hood by putting in metal sheeting.

8. Blend in

Hiding appliances behind false cabinet fronts is a neat trick. It gives your kitchen a seamless, elegant look that is surprisingly versatile. As long as you match the fronts with the rest of the cabinets, you can use this strategy for any kitchen style. Coordinate this design with your cabinet supplier as some fronts might not be of standard sizes.

9. Go black

Black and gray as a color for appliance is gaining popularity against the usual stainless steel. It might seem counterintuitive, but black and gray can actually help make small kitchens seem less confining. As most people are living in smaller spaces, many appliance makers are jumping on this particular bandwagon. You should have no problem going black with your favorite appliance brands.

10. Sink-station

The kitchen sink is the most functional and necessary element in the kitchen, so you should not take it for granted. The trend for sinks in 2020 is an eclectic mix of the natural and engineered: natural stone apron front integrated sinks with brass fixtures. The combination is particularly striking in white kitchens.

Kitchen remodeling does not happen every year, so you want to make sure you make the most of your resources when you do one for your home. These 10 trending ideas for kitchen remodeling in 2020 should point you in the right direction.
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