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10 Questions You Should Answer Before Kitchen Remodeling

Are you all excited to rip out your kitchen countertops and do a major makeover because of what you saw on those home improvement shows? While kitchen remodeling can certainly improve your home, you need to know exactly why you are doing it, how you plan to go about it, and into what you are getting yourself. Here are 10 searching questions you should answer before plunging headlong into kitchen remodeling.

1. Can you afford it?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you can afford a major remodel. Many homeowners have found themselves at a standstill after getting their remodeling halfway done, only to find they don’t have enough money to finish the job.
It takes dedication to go through a kitchen remodel, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row before starting on one. Take a serious look at your finances for the next 6 months to establish how much disposable income you can invest in your kitchen.
Once you have a solid figure, get several quotes from remodeling companies to compare them. Hash out all the details of the project to make sure you allow for all contingencies, such as rewiring if it becomes necessary. It helps if you can work with a reliable local company that will not stiff you with hidden costs mid-project. Check reviews to find likely companies in your area.

2. Are you doing it for you?

Many homeowners choose to do kitchen remodeling to make it more sellable. However, if you do not intend to sell for the next two years, then you should make decisions based on what you like. Following trends is fine as long as it jives with your personal tastes, but they should not supersede it.

3. Are you considering the big picture?

Remodeling your kitchen to update it is generally a great idea, but you have to look at the context. If you live in a beautiful old house with all the charm of the period, an ultra modern kitchen would look odd. You might want to consider keeping some of the features and even appliances that keep the kitchen in step with the rest of the home, and focus on improving the function and efficiency of the room in cleverly hidden ways.
On the other hand, if your home is old but ugly, a new kitchen design might serve as the starting point for bringing the rest of the home to the 21st century. It all depends on the big picture.

4. Do you have the budget for quality cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets take a large bite out of the remodeling budget, so make sure you have one big enough to buy the quality stuff. Top cabinet brands offer RTA cabinets that are more affordable than custom ones, but of equal quality. If you still cannot afford them, you might be better off refacing or refinishing your old cabinets instead of buying poor quality ones.

5. Will you need to replace all your appliances?

Keeping old, inefficient appliances is a false economy. On the other hand, replacing them with professional grade ones might be a bit over the top. If you use your kitchen like a regular person and not a chef, then you should choose new appliances appropriate for your needs and use. You should also keep the ones that are relatively new and efficient.

6. Are you a good fit for trends?

If you check kitchen trends, you might see some that look very attractive, such as glass-fronted cabinets. However, that requires always keeping the contents neat and orderly as well a display-worthy. Is that a good description of your lifestyle and kitchen items? If you are more of a casual person, closed fronted cabinets might be more your speed.

7. Do you know what you need?

Before making any grand plans for your new kitchen, take stock of what you have. The best kitchens are the most efficient ones. They have an accessible place for everything. You need to plan for accommodating everything you own (or plan to keep) in the right areas for use. If you do, you will know how much space you need in terms of cabinets and countertops, and the accessories you need to organize your stuff.

8. Do you want space between your wall cabinets and ceiling?

You might be surprised at how many people choose to keep some space between their wall cabinets and ceilings. They probably never realized how much work would go into keeping those spaces clean! On the other hand, those spaces can come in handy if you have plans of putting in plants or displaying artwork and prized collections. Generally, however, you can maximize your vertical space better by taking your wall or tall cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

9. Will you need a pro?

Getting inspiration online for your kitchen design is fine, but they seldom translate well to variations specific to your needs. You will probably need a designer to translate the look you want to the kitchen you can have. As long as you include the design fee in your budget, you should be fine. Some remodeling companies like Fairfax Kitchen Bath offer free design consultation, so you should take advantage.

10. How far can you go?

A remodel is a good opportunity to get the kitchen you want. Take it to express your personality as far as you can, unless you are planning to sell your home any time soon. You want to distinguish your kitchen from all the others, so go out on a limb. Choose colors and designs you like, and not what design sites say is in. Go wacky, go emo, go wherever you want. It is your kitchen, after all.


You need to answer these 10 questions before a remodel to help you make some major decisions about your kitchen design. They will also help you choose the contractor you need to carry out your project. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love your new kitchen for life.
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