Choosing the Ideal Shower Door

Showers have taken center stage in today’s bathroom styles and shower doors are

designed to fit all tastes and budgets. To have a good shower experience you need to

ensure that the shower doors are not only aesthetic but fit securely and what is more

important is they open as required within the bathroom space.

Variety of shapes and designs

The most popular choice for showers is glass shower doors. Glass doors come in a

variety of designs. The glass could be clear, opaque, frosted or patterned. Glass is

preferred because it gives a clean and open look to the bathroom, allows light to enter

the shower and gives a feeling of space to the bathroom. Shower doors have different

shapes also like being rounded, or arched door, straight or with sliding doors or even an

updated version of the traditional framed shower doors. Showers and doors can be

customized to fit in according to your needs and preferences.

Framed Doors

A number of homeowners have begun to replace their old framed shower doors with

unframed shower doors. Framed doors are difficult to maintain as the aluminum track of

the frame tends to collect dirt and grime. The doors can only open on the outside. While

framed doors may not be popular any longer there are some updated versions available

that can give a new appearance to your bathroom. These are also more economical

than the unframed variety of shower doors.

Frameless enclosures

A shower with a frameless design gives your bathroom a modern edge and a stylish

look. Frameless enclosures have two designs, one which has a full clear glass

enclosure while the other design uses a half tiled wall and half glass look. The beautiful

tile work and other decorative features are clearly visible through the glass that gives an

aesthetic touch to the bathroom.

Selecting Glass

If you have a full glass enclosure you have to make sure you select glass that is the

right thickness as it is not enclosed inside a frame. While clear glass makes even small

bathrooms look biggish, the opaque glass offers more privacy. Textured or patterned

glass offers privacy as well as style. Most people select an all glass enclosure as it is

easier to clean.

To have or not to have a door

Shower enclosures can be designed to have doors or you could go in for a walk-in

shower. If you want doors then you could have the option of a sliding door or hinged

door. You can have double or single sliding doors as these take up less space in the

bathroom. The shower curtain is now obsolete and in place of that you could have a

hinged door in the shower enclosure. If you have the budget and the space then go in

for a door-less spa like walk-in shower and add a rainfall showerhead or a massaging

shower panel. On the other hand a fully enclosed shower space with a door allows you

have your own steam room.

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