Many times an unorganized space is the biggest enemy of our productivity. Kitchens are one of the most used places in the house. Messy space and unorganized cabinets can make you spend more time and effort.

So how can clean up your kitchen and improve the storage space?

  1. Clean out all your cabinets.

Over the period of time your cabinets accumulate many pieces of unused junk and you end with having a cluttered space. To start with empty out all of the cabinets. Throw out the expired items and donate the duplicate and unused items. To determine what unused items to donate always follow this rule; if the item is questioned hasn’t been once used in the past 7-9 months you can give it away.

  1. Group together similar items:

After emptying all your cabinets, arrange all the stuff that you are keeping in form of groups. Group all the utensils together and baking items, spices, dry food like beans and lentils in separate groups.

  1. Organization:

Now, after grouping organize your cabinets accordingly to a category. Place the most used items like salt and spices in the front and in the cabinet closest to the stove. Spread out your items from closest to farthest by usage of most to least used in the kitchen while cooking.

  1. Use clear containers to store dry items:

Storing various pantry items in clear glass containers not only makes them easy to find it also looks visually appealing. Many of the glass containers are also air tight which makes these items lasts longer.

  1. Store plastic containers and it lids in the same place:

Only keep those containers and lids which make a complete set and discard the rest. Store all the plastic containers and their lids in the same drawer and/or cabinet. To ensure that you do not end up losing more of boxes or lids store the small lids in a bigger box.

  1. Also use the vertical space:

We spread our items in a horizontal manner along the breadth of the cabinet. Many people leave out the vertical space empty which could be used to store cups and plates among others things in a visually appealing manner.

  1. Lazy Susan:

Lazy susan or the rotating trays can keep deep space organized and still easy to reach all the items stored inside the cabinets. Spices, medications and vitamins are some of the items that can neatly stored and arranged in a cabinet.

  1. Drawer dividers:

Drawer dividers are one of the most effective tools to arrange various types of utensils according to shapes ad usage. These dividers allow to easily find all types of spoons and other types utensils.

  1. Sort papers:

Art works, recipes, coupons and important mails can really clutter up the kitchen counter space. Organize all the paperwork and throw or shred the rest. Make a recipe folder and place all the loose recipes in that folder and stick any other frequently used clippings on the fridge.

  1. Arrange and clean out the fridge:

kitchMany times there are expired cans and bottles in the back of the fridge taking up valuable space in the fridge. Throw out all the expired cans and rotten vegetables and fruits. Clean and freshen up the fridge by arranging all the relevant and fresh bottles of sauces and other condiments.

Now you have a clean kitchen and fridge. You will notice the valuable time saved during the course of prepping and cooking a meal. Enjoy your new sparkling kitchen!


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